Nush’s (short for Annouchka) artistic passion was crystalised in her final years of school studying History of Art.  Her innate creative flare was nurtured during a childhood spent crossing the globe during her years of living between the far east and Bermuda and ending up in the European epicentre of art and fashion in Paris where she studied for the Baccalaureate at the Sorbonne.

A career in banking formed a significant interlude between university and becoming a mother to three children. Annouchka finally acted on her passion for creativity in 2014.   Following a number of reconnaissance trips to India where childhood friends had urged her to collaborate on various fashion related business ventures, Annouchka stumbled across fine-jewellery artisans hand crafting exquisite pieces using both familiar and unfamiliar local gemstones.  Having a good sense of business acumen combined with a vision for style and fashion trends, Annouchka saw opportunities in the jewellery market and set about learning gemmology and jewellery design .

Starting small with just a dozen pieces Annouchka tested out her designs on her friends. With their blessing she continued to expand on her ideas and set up her company Nushgems Ltd.

Annouchka’s starting point is a passion for the gem followed by the beauty found in the individual characteristics of each stone arising from the irregularities and imperfections of their natural state. From there designs are made to suit each particular gemstone in the form of pendants, rings, earrings or bracelets set in precious gold or silver.

Each piece is a unique, one-off design and can be worn seamlessly from day to night. Her style is attainable luxury and effortless chic. Cool enough for the Bohemian type whilst equally glamorous for the lover of ultra luxury pieces.

In a world where global brands dominate, Nush provides an inspirational respite and returns individuality to fashion with mesmerising gemstones that inject vibrancy and colour to her designs.